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Learning for Good offers schools access to a range of high quality cultural content such as Music, Drama, Art and Literature and more.
For Schools

How it Works

Learning For Good is a charity that sources and distributes world-leading cultural content and education resources produced by Not-For-Profits. We support communities in need through access to high quality cultural resources, whilst supporting NFP charities to share what they do best.

Step 1

Select your programs

Content is curated to best support learning areas which have been identified as having the largest impact on wellbeing, including Music, Drama, Choir and Literature.

Step 2

Purchase or Apply for Funding or Grants

Access to Learning For Good is available for all schools. We can arrange full funding grants for disadvantaged communities.

Step 3

Invite Students, Parents & Teachers

Teachers can learn from subject experts on early learning. Students can reinforce learning with workbooks and masterclasses. Parents learn how to reinforce the learning at home.

Step 4

You are all set!

Learning For Good is so easy to use and navigate. It connects schools communities with access to quality content in one location.

The LFG School Buddy Program

Our School Buddy program connects those schools who can resource LFG, with those in more disadvantaged communities, and help forge better educational outcomes.

For Schools


Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding our program for schools. If you have other questions, you can always get in touch and contact the LFG team.

I use a different LMS or I don't have an LMS, can I access LFG?

Yes. If you have an existing arrangement, we can integrate to your platform. If you do not have a platform, then we are happy to assist in that with our digital partners.

How much do the courses cost?

Access to Learning For Good is based on the number of teachers needing the resouce. Your account manager can assist you with those details.

Can you support schools with applying for funding?

Yes. We can also help your school with funding from our community partners.

What about the curriculum?

All our program resources and built to be easily referenced to the relevant curriculum for your state.

What is the Buddy System?

This is where we connect larger schools and foundations using LFG to disadvantaged and remote areas. This will empower teachers and support entire communities with exactly the same resources at the foundation school.

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