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For Not-For-Profits (NFPs)

Do you provide exceptional content or resources to your community? As an NFP you know your market, and you are supporting your community.
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How it Works

The real challenge is providing scale and supporting your work with new forms of funding. Learning For Good creates an internal revenue stream for you, that supports what you do and encourages you to do more of it. We have built a platform so that ANY NFP can do this.

Step 1

Import or Design

You can use us to distribute your content, as well as provide you with a robust LMS to create your programs. We can also support your instructional design.

Step 2

Your Content is Yours

Centralise your content and provide access while keeping full ownership of your Intellectual Property (IP).

Step 3

Receive Royalties

Create a new, sustainable revenue stream for your business, while we manage the operations, marketing, and scaling of the solution.

Step 4

You are all set!

Learning for Good is focused on supporting communities in need through access to high quality learning resources whilst you as a charity to share what you do best.

For Not-For-Profits


Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding our program for Not-For-Profit organisations. If you have other questions, you can always get in touch and contact the LFG team.

What can LFG offer me?

Learning for Good supports NFPs with the digital technology to deliver resources to their members and their customers. The platform has been custom built to address the challenges of the NFP environment.

Can I run classes on Learning for Good?

Yes, the platform allows you to create learner portals with advanced course management. You can bulk register classrooms, manage assessments and gradebooks, and schedule Zoom sessions.

Do I lose ownership of my content?

No. LFG is here to support you, not control you. We believe there is value in your experience as an NFP that already delivers exceptional content. If you scale your content to schools and community groups, you retain full creative control and ownership of your IP. That way we showcase your group as the leaders in your field of expertise.

I'm an NFP with great resources, can I get in touch?

Yes. We are currently building new opportunities with NFPs who specialise in Choir, Drama, Art and Dance.

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