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About Learning for Good

Our Story

Education is the key to social change. Who better to lead this change than those already creating good. Enter Learning for Good.
Learning For Good

At a Glance

Learning For Good supports communities in need through access to high-quality learning resources, whilst supporting NFP charities in sharing what they do best.


Learning Resources

The very best learning resources from NFP Content Creators in one centralised location.

Grant Funding

Funding grant assistance available for disadvantaged schools and communities.

Easy Access

Anyone can access these resources, world class cultural content created by leading NFPs.


Personalised for all who use the platform including adults, teachers, parents and children.

Ease of Use

The platform is easy to use and navigate to enhance the learning experience.

Good Outcomes

Good outcomes for all as well as the organisations who partner with Learning For Good.
Tools for Teachers

The Challenge

The wide-ranging education and developmental benefits of the creative arts and cultural pursuits, are well understood. But the current system doesn't always provide the resources and support that teachers need.

Teachers cannot be expected to effectively teach such a diverse curriculum without access to the right resources. That means young people can miss out, particularly when it comes to the creative arts, cultural pursuits and the wide-ranging benefits of these subjects.

Study and Research

our Approach

The 2019 study by Dr Anita Collins and the Tony Foundation, Music Educations: A Sound Investment, identified:

"A large number of Australian primary school children have little or no access to music education. Moreover, for those who do, there is significant variation in the quality of the learning they receive."

The same study highlighted current research that says music (and cultural pursuits):

  • Improve cognitive development
  • Boost academic performce in English, Maths and Science
  • Decrease stress and anxiety
Enter LFG

our Solution

Experiences that connect Australian schools to the world-class content they deserve. Utilising technology, we create a direct line between the classroom and the experts.

Learning for Good is a centralised hub for world-class education content and resources. It provides teachers with access to a world of content that can be delivered to students with ease and efficiency.

Giving teachers the confidence to teach outside of the skill set or comfort zone.

For Schools and NFPs

How we Work

Education is the key to social change. Who better to lead this change than those already creating good.

Step 1

Identify partners

LFG Identifies a NFP Partner to onboard their course content.

Step 2

Building the COntent

LFG builds course content into customised NFP platform.

Step 3

Working Together

LFG works with the NFP Content Partner to find the market.

Step 4

Support & Licensing

LFG supports the NFP by licensing the product on the platform as users access it.

Step 5

Giving Access

LFG supports access for less advantaged communities through funding partnerships.

Where we STarted

Pilot Programme

In June 2022 we commenced a pilot of LFG with Discover Music and Discover the Orchestra. We onboard over 600 students and teachers from Sydney Youth Orchestras (SYO), as well as schools and conservatoriums for feedback and impact assessment. Some of these included:

  • Goulburn
  • Central West
  • Gunnedah
  • Grafton / Clarence Valley
  • Music for Canberra
  • Tasmanian Youth Orchestra
  • Holy Spirit, Hobart
  • Kogorah Public School
Feedback and Outcomes

The Results

Teachers and students have provided valuable feedback at all levels of development. As a result, we have been able to:

  • Roll out programs to local schools in Goulburn and Hume Conservatorium in 2023
  • Establish partnerships to onboard 30 schools around NSW in Mudgee, Hunter Valley and Moree.
  • Implement a streamlined onboarding process for schools.
  • Develop integration solutions for NFPs to transfer content from any platform,
  • Improve educational resources and worksheets.
  • Collaborate with Aboriginal Councils to identify education support opportunities in Discover Country.
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